The State Cultural Institution «Vetka Museum of Old Believers and Belarusian traditions F.G. Shklyarova»

The museum was founded on 30 November 1978. The first permanent exhibition was opened on 1 November 1987 in a restored historic mansion - the house of the merchant Groshikov. Today, the museum is a research and educational center in the field of traditional culture. The museum presents the art culture and creativity of several folk traditions of the region in the south-east of Belarus. It is the culture of the Belarusian Orthodox village and the Old Believers' Vetka, which was the center of the dissidence at the end of the 17th - 18th centuries. The museum has a unique collection of the Old Believers' icons, manuscripts and early printed books of the 16th - 19th centuries, objects of weaving, archeology, and others. There are six research author programs ("By Ways of Ancient Clans", «Saving Ancient Aigns", «By Ways of Our Ancestors* and others). In the museum, there is a department of craft restoration and renaissance. On 1 January 2011, the museum has 10,278 artifacts. In 2008, there was the opening of the branch of the museum in Gomel (four halls with the theme 'Traditions": «Masterpiece», an exhibition of one object; «The Man of Tradition»; «A thing as a text of spiritual culture»; «Living Crafts», an interactive part of the exhibition with the possibility of learning the ancient techniques of weaving).
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