Vietka Museum of Old Believers and Belarusian traditions n.a. F. R. Shklyarau

More than a museum

The Vietka Museum of Old Believers and Belarusian Traditions today is a research and educational center of the region in the field of traditional culture.

Collections of unique Old Believer icons, handwritten and printed books, the largest collection of regional textiles (towels, elements of traditional costume, etc.) make the Vietka Museum a unique phenomenon in Belarusian and Old Believer culture.

On three floors of the Vietka Museum there are permanent exhibitions, which present the artistic culture and creativity of several folk traditions of the region in the south-east of Belarus. First of all, it is the culture of the Orthodox Belarusian village and the Old Believer Vietka - the center of the schism at the end of the 17th-18th centuries.

In November 2022, a new hall was opened within the walls of the museum, which housed an exposition dedicated to the founder of the museum, Fyodar Shklyarau.

The branch of the Vietka Museum, which is located in Homiel, hosts temporary exhibitions, events, thematic classes and master classes. Temporary exhibitions are formed from the funds of the Vietka Museum. Materials from other museums and private collections are also added. Change of exhibitions in the halls of the branch takes place every three to five months.

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